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Tailor the info you share with each person and business

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Connect with people and businesses and choose the contact and personal information you wish to share with them. When your contacts change their info, your phone updates automatically. It's that simple.

Why use Nameloop

Changing the way the world shares contact info

Contact information. One of the few parts of our lives still stuck in the dark ages. We're changing that.

Set up a profile, add your contact info, connect with people and share it. When your contacts change their info, your phone automatically updates. It's that simple. You can share different info with different people by creating groups, or Loops as we call them - after all, keeping some things private to some contacts is pretty important. We think that's pretty amazing.

Always up to date

You don't need to worry about keeping everything up to date, because users change their own information when they need to. Just make sure your own details are right. Everything else is done automatically.

Protecting your privacy

The only people who see your information are the ones you choose to share it with. And because you can customise what you share with each Loop, no-one gets anything you don't want them to. It's as simple as that.

One more thing. It's free.

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